Your Training Program

Personalised training program fit to your specification, schedule and personal preferences, whether you want to increase muscle mass or lose weight and lean out the program will be designed to YOUR needs and it will be based on scientific knowledge as well as tried, tested and proven methods. The package will include a training program with all the exercises, rep ranges, what split to use, what body parts need focus and much more with details on every aspect, how and why it is there and how it will get you the FLAWLESS PHYSIQUE you have always wanted. The training cycle will be split into three 4 week mesocycles to ensure that your body has maximum time to overload and not enough time to become accustomed to the training in order to avoid plateauing

Guided Exercises

Pictures of all exercises included in the package with guidance of how to perform the exercise safely and effectively in order to maximise overload and consequently growth.


A choice of cardio with methods used to maximise fat lose and increase metabolic output not only during the entire duration of the cardiovascular session but after too. 

Flexibility & Recovery

Pictured flexibility exercises fit to your current criteria, showing how to perform the exercises, when to perform them, what muscles they are stretching and why flexibility is an essential element in your training arsenal.

This journey will by no means be easy but the rewards of your hard work and effort will far out-way all the stress endured in this program. So lets begin!

12 Week Training Program



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