My mission is to instill healthy proactive habits into individuals lives and help them attain the physique of their dreams, allowing individuals to master both their physical and physchological selves overcoming barriers which can then be harnessed and used outside the gym into each and every action performed in their daily lives.


For me fitness has been an integral part of my life for longer than I can remember, as a minor I was always fond of sports, fitness and pushing myself to the limit both physically and mentally. I first stepped foot into the gym at age 15 upon which time I dropped all sports to focus on training and building my knowledge on everything fitness related leading up to me becoming a personal trainer at 22. Fitness has taught me many things along my path such as perseverance, hard work and self-discipline instilling many proactive habits that I relate to my everyday life as well as training. From my passion I decided to create Timer Fitness and help inspire and train individuals from all backgrounds in reaching their true physical and psychological potential and live healthier lifestyles that are both enjoyable and natural.


In modern society large focus is spent on instant gratification and pleasure, everyone wants the rewards in life but very few are willing to work for them leading to all kinds of distorted views; not going to the gym because its too much effort, overeating processed fats and refined sugars because they offer endorphin releases - the feel good hormone, and even leading to ergogenic use (steroids) and crash diets. There is no quick fix for a great physique, you need to put in the hours and above all you need to train SMART and eat SMART. Fitness and health for me is divided into 3 basic sectors – Performance, Body Composition and Health. These sectors are all interrelated and if one is put on the back burner this will have a detrimental effect on the others. People these days tend to focus on body composition and neglect both health and performance leading to steroid use, crash diets, reduction in flexibility, injuries and overall unhealthy lifestyles even if they are still going to the gym.

What my programs do is they not only provide you with a comprehensive step by step guideline on how to train, what to train, when to train and why, teaching you throughout your journey, but they also encompass health and performance allowing you to look good, feel good and above all perform better in the gym and your daily life, fulfilling your true fitness aspirations. To find out what programs Timer Fitness have to offer please see the Fitness Package section. So the question is… What are you waiting for?


Genetics deals the cards but lifestyle plays the hand

Strength  •  Weight Loss  •  Mass  •  Flexibility  •  Health  


"Very pleased with my transformation after using one of Brad's training programs"

Steven Kowsuski




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